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The guide to advertise your SaaS & Software on Facebook

Don’t just build apps, get users (fast)

Learn everything you need to find new users for your app using Facebook Ads. No more waiting a year before SEO take off (if it ever does), get result fast.

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“Nico added +$14,600 of revenue to my product”
- Marc, founder at ShipFast

The first Advertising guide for SaaS & Software makers

😔 Ads without the Maker guide

  • No idea what you're doing
  • Waste $ figuring out on your own
  • No results most of the time
  • No idea what worked when you got results

😎 Ads with the Maker guide

  • Get new users fast
  • Make ads that converts
  • Understand FB interface
  • Don't waste $ on bad ads
  • Figure things out based on 7+ years of experience and $1M+ spent
“Nico's the go-to-guy when it comes to social ads. He was able to give me tons of improvement points just by quickly looking at my ad account”
- Danny Postma, founder at HeadshotPro

What you will learn:

1. How Facebook works
Learn how ads on Facebook works, how the algorythm prioritize ads and how you can use it.
2. Setting up your account
Learn how to properly setup your account, and avoid common mistakes.
3. How to choose your budget, audiences and goals
Learn how to pick the right budget for you, find the best audiences and choose the right goals for you.
4. How to create ads that converts
Learn how to create ads that converts for your SaaS/Software/Infoproduct.
5. Setting up your campaign and ads
Learn to setup your campaign, adsets and ads properly to get the best results.
6. How to analyze results
Learn how to read your results and take action based on them.
“Nico taught me a good lesson — having 100% organic marketing is dumb. Spend some money and you will grow x10 faster. This course explains how.”
- Dan, founder at MakerBox
Hi, I’m Nico! 👋

I started doing ads back in 2016 and had absolutely no idea what I was doing. It took me years of trial and error to get it right.

Since then, I ran over $1,000,000 in profitable ads, both for my own projects and clients. I was even paid to teach ads in an education startup.

I learned to code 15 months ago, and used Facebook Ads to get users. My latest app went from $0 to +$30,000 in revenues in a couple of month mainly by using ads.

I saw tons of indie makers on Twitter struggling with ads, so I decided to compile my 7+ years of knowledge into a beginner-friendly guide.

I'm definitely not the #1 marketer out there, I'm just sharing what is working for me and my friends.
“Nico gave me gold advice for Meta ads that I would have to pay a bomb for them elsewhere. He knows his shit.”
- Yifan, founder at

But I heard...

...Facebook Ads don't work for SaaS & softwares

Wrong. If you look at all the big companies (Zapier, Jasper…) they all use Facebook ads. Why? Because it works need thousands of dollar to run ads

You need money yes, but you can start with as little as $5/day and scale after.

... you need a proven product to run ads

Ads only just amplify your reach. Like every marketing channel, it WILL be way easier (and cheaper) if you already have a proven product, but it can also be used to test new ideas

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“Nico took over my account, did some magic... And 2 months later, added +$14,600 of revenue to my product (~300% ROI)”
- Marc, founder at ShipFast

Is this the right course for you?

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You just want to build features for your app and don’t care about marketing it (leave this page please)
  • You’re looking for a marketing solution with 100% guaranteed results (there is no such thing.)
  • You’re doing eCommerce: There are other course specially made for eCommerce, this one is for apps and info-products specifically.

This course is for you if

  • You’re a technical founder who want to become better at marketing in 2024
  • ✅ You’re marketing a SaaS, Software, newsletter, info-product, etc.
  • ✅ You want to discover a new reliable marketing channel
  • You never tried ads, didn't got the results you wanted, or want to become better at understanding the whole thing.
  • You’re ready to put in the work and improve your skills
“I grew my app to $2500 MRR in 4 months using my own advertising tips”
- Myself, founder at Talknotes


Does it works for both SaaS and one-time purchase apps?

Yes. I have a subscription-based app myself and Facebook ads are my #1 channel. I also used it for one-time purchase products.

Does it works for Infoproducts / Newsletters?

Yes, you can use what’s in the course for infoproducts and newsletters.

Does it works for Mobile Apps?

Even if 80% of the course can be applied for any product, things related to tracking, attribution and events are different for mobile apps. If you take the course, you will have to figure those on your own.

Can I use this for Google Ads?

No. This course talk about Meta Ads only. Google Ads works in a completely different way.

Can I apply this to Instagram ads?

Yes, Meta Ads are the same for Facebook and Instagram.

Do you offer parity pricing?

No, ads are expensive no matter where you live. If the price of the course is too much for you, ads will be too. I would recommend you start with organic traffic to get some cashflow first.

Find users for your SaaS fast

No more waiting one year for SEO to take off. Get actionable data immediately using Ads

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